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          About us




          Established in 2003, Guangzhou Chuangle Water Park Construction Co., Ltd. is a park contractor integrating equipment manufacturing and installation, theme park planning and design, theme packaging and decoration. Now the company has Foshan, Zhongshan two major production workshops, more than 30 high-tech, more than 100 general production workers, to meet the production requirements of different customers at home and abroad.

          Guangzhou Chuangle is a pioneer in the field of water recreation facilities. It is committed to providing customers with professional one-stop services in the planning, design, preparation, management, production and construction of water park, water treatment, environmental art, and water play equipment projects. It also provides customers with professional equipment and park planning, design and supporting facilities solutions. The company's business scope: water park equipment, water recreation facilities, water recreation facilities, water park facilities, water recreation equipment, water recreation facilities, water slide, wave-making equipment, skateboard surfing equipment, water play equipment, water park water village, equipment and other products design, production and sales.



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